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What is the Future of Work, now and post-COVID-19?

AfricArena and Viva Technology team up to challenge tech startups in Africa to present their solutions for what the future could be for the workplace and productivity.

VivaTech is "the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation". It takes place in Paris every year. VivaTech is a unique opportunity to preview the future by experiencing new products and demos such as autonomous vehicles, connected factories and shopping experiences.

AfricArena and VivaTech share a passion for accelerating innovative startups in Africa. For the past 3 years, AfricArena and VivaTech have partnered to build platforms where Africa's best tech talent can showcase their solutions and be connected with people and organisations that can take their companies forward.

The year 2020 has brought about unprecedented changes and turbulence, for individuals and organisations alike. It is for this reason that the teams at AfricArena and VivaTech have come together to formulate a Challenge for African startups that not only speaks to the current context, but also speaks to the direction the world is heading to. Thankfully, technology has enabled us to stay in touch and be informed with the immediate and broader world around us! We believe there are startups in Africa doing incredible work in utilizing modern tech to assist people and organisations perform better, especially in teams like these - and we want to hear from those startups!

How does your solution empower users in the African market by leveraging tech to make the future of work better?

Sponsored by Viva Technology, AfricArena launches a Challenges across Africa looking for startup tech companies whose product offering speaks utilizing technology to make work better and easier. Eligible startups must be have an MVP in market, with a bit of traction to validate the product and business model. We are looking for Early Stage to Series A startups, operating and based anywhere in the African continent.

"We believe that technology, applied to the working space, is part of the solution to better unlock the potential of employees."

 - AfricArena and Viva Technology

Let us know how your solution is THE FUTURE OF WORK!

Applications are open, and close on Friday 30th October 2020, 17:00 (GMT+2). You can apply here.



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